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TitleArticle: Preserving Culture: Japanese-style Private School Thrives with U.S. Transplants

Preserving culture: Japanese-style private school thrives with U.S. transplants
Shawn D. Lewis
July 17, 2008

Parents from Canton to Ann Arbor and points in between drop their kids off at the Peach Tree Plaza on Meadowbrook Road, as parents do at traditional schools across Metro Detroit. What sets this school apart is the curriculum. Students read, write and solve math problems in Japanese. But even the school's $10,000 a year price tag hasn't slowed enrollment. Michigan's only year-round Japanese school, Koby International Academy, has a waiting list of 60 students.

Nearly 95 percent of the school's families return to Japan within three to five years, and want their children to be able to keep up with their peers when they do. And parents say they like the 12 students per teacher ratio and intense individual attention.

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