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Title2003 Summer Institute
Body2003 Summer Institute
Attention! A New Kind of Institute for Previous Participants of NFLRC Institutes.

Mentoring, Leadership, and Change

When: Tuesday, July 29 – Wednesday August 6, 2003

Where: NFLRC, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

Who: Alumni of NFLRC institutes are encouraged to participate in Mentoring, Leadership, and Change, a new institute that will be held in the summer of 2003.

What: This new institute will bring together participants of previous NFLRC institutes who have developed expertise in a) action research, b) elementary school foreign language education, c) technology, and/or d) thematic planning to synthesize their knowledge and skills in all four topic areas, to expand their perspectives on initiating and sustaining change, and to acquire research-based techniques for creating effective change through mentoring and leadership.
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