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The George Washington University
Center for Applied Linguistics

Location and Date: Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Thursday, May 29th - Friday, May 30th

Institute Goals: This institute will focus on TAFL issues in proficiency-based and content-based instruction, materials preparation, and curriculum development. Discussion will include topics such as language variation and diglossia, reading comprehension, issues of structural accuracy and instruction for advanced proficiency.

Day One: Introduction to TAFL
Presenter/s will introduce key concepts in TAFL: teaching for proficiency, skill level definitions, diglossia and its implications for proficiency. An outline of traditional and modern methods and their implications for classroom instruction and choice of materials. Resources for using technology in the Arabic classroom will also be presented. Time will be allotted for group discussion as well as presentations.

Day Two: Focus on advanced proficiency
Presenter/s will conduct an interactive discussion of advanced level skills, appropriate tasks at that level and how those tasks may be translated into classroom and out-of-class activities, relevant structural, discourse, and socio-cultural features, and the issues to be taken into consideration for developing advanced Internet-based and CD Rom-based materials.

Participants will go home with:

* Ideas for structuring TAFL programs and classes
* Understanding of TAFL classroom strategies and methodologies and task-based instruction
* The basics for developing advanced materials
A resource guide for studying and learning Arabic, including on-line resources.
* Bibliographies, including lists of current texts.

Instructors: Dr. Gerald Lampe was for many years professor of Arabic and also Head of the Foreign Language Division at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, a division of the graduate school of Johns Hopkins University. In addition to his position at SAIS, he served as Director of the CASA program for a number of years, and he is now a Senior Research Associate at the National Foreign Language Center where his recent work has focussed on Arabic reading proficiency.

Dr. Karin Ryding: Dr. Ryding is professor of Arabic and chair of the Department of Arabic Language, Literature and Linguistics at Georgetown University. She also holds an endowed professorship, and is Sultan Qaboos bin Said professor of Arabic. She is the author of many articles on TAFL methodology and of two textbooks for teaching Formal Spoken Arabic.

Schedule: Morning Sessions: 9:00-12:00 Afternoon Sessions: 1:15-4:00

Fee: $150.00 for registration and materials. Fee excludes room and board. We will provide you with information on a range of housing options.

Registration Deadline: Monday, May 19th 2003

Professional Development Points: Most school districts award professional development points towards recertification for participation. Check with your school or local administration.

For more information, call (202) 973-1086 or e-mail:
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