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Tuesday, May 27 - Wednesday, May 28

An NCLRC Summer Institute Designed for Foreign Language Educators and Program Directors.

Location: Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Institute Goals: This two-day workshop is intended for teachers and program directors whose goal is to facilitate their learners' acquisition of advanced L2 abilities.

The Workshop: Taking a cultural literacy approach that organizes programs, courses, pedagogies, and assessment around the construct of oral and written textual genre, we will address the following topics: specifying the nature of language use abilities commonly referred to as "advanced", profiling the advanced learner from the perspective of L2 development, selecting pedagogies, making curricular and programmatic decisions, selecting materials, creating criteria, and forms of assessment.

Participants will go home with: Participants will come away with a greater understanding of principles and approaches that can help shape instruction, programs, and assessment for learners who aspire to reach advanced/professional levels of L2 ability.

Instructor: Dr. Heidi Byrnes, Georgetown University
Heidi Byrnes, is Professor of German at Georgetown University. Most recently her scholarly interests have focused on the advanced instructed learner and pedagogical and curricular, and assessment approaches that foster the acquisition of advanced levels of literacy. Over the past six years, the German Department's integrated content-oriented and genre- and task-based undergraduate curriculum, "Developing Multiple Literacies," has provided a rich context for exploring these issues in depth. (see her web page

Schedule: Morning Sessions: 9:00-12:00 Afternoon Sessions: 1:15-4:00

Fee: $150.00 for registration and materials. Fee excludes room and board. We will provide you with information on a range of housing options.

Registration Deadline: Friday, May 16th 2003

Professional Development Points: Most school districts award professional development points towards recertification for participation. Check with your school or local administration.

For more information, call (202) 973-1086 or e-mail:
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