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TitleInterCom: May 3, 2021

This month, we are focusing on pragmatics, or the way people communicate beyond word meaning alone. To get us started off, we are providing learners with an overview of strategies for building awareness, or understanding someone’s reaction to what is said. Thank you to Tigre Lusardi, CASLS Graduate Intern, for his work in developing this week’s supports!

There are a few ways to get connected with us this week:

  • Join our InterCom Live! session. We connect on Facebook every Monday at 11:00 am Pacific. To join us, open CASLS's Facebook page at the designated time. Can't make it? The InterCom Live! events are always recorded, and you can find them on our Facebook page.
  • Check out the Activity of the Week. This week, learners examine video clips for clues as to how a fellow interlocutor is reacting to a situation.
  • Check out this article. It provides a nice overview of the history of the study of pragmatics and insight into the complexities inherent in researching pragmatic competence.

Happy exploring! We are excited to continue engaging with you this week.

Publishdate2021-05-03 09:15:02