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TitleMake a Word of the Day Calendar

by Madi Collins, CASLS Student Worker

This activity was designed for learners of all levels, and uses the Frayer Model framework to help learners learn and retain vocabulary items. This activity should happen in the target language as much as learner proficiency allows.

Learning outcomes:
Learners will be able to:

  • Define the four quadrants of the Frayer model.
  • Create Frayer models for chosen target language vocabulary.
  • Evaluate which part(s) of the Frayer model they find useful for learning new vocabulary.

Mode(s): Presentational, Interpersonal

Materials: Make a Word of the Day Calendar video, Week of Words handout, paper or digital dictionary and thesaurus in the target language


  1. As homework before class, ask learners to think of 7 words that they want to learn or want to remember more easily.
  2. During class, show learners the Make a Word of the Day Calendar video.
  3. Draw a Frayer model on the board or on a shared digital document (for online settings). Go over the Frayer model structure as a group. Ask learners to define what goes in each square of the model. Play the section of the video about the Frayer model again as needed to help learners understand what goes in each square.
  4. Ask learners to brainstorm the kind of things they would put in each square. What is the definition of a word? A characteristic? An example? A non-example? What kind of information do each of these things tell us about a word?
  5. Give learners the Week of Words handout. Ask learners to brainstorm seven words they want to learn or work on remembering, and have them write these words on the handout, one for each day. They can look new words up in the dictionary as needed.
  6. Over the next seven days, learners complete the handout by filling in the four quadrants of the Frayer model (definition, characteristics, examples, non-examples) for each word they wrote down. They can consult a dictionary or thesaurus as needed to fill it out, and can work on it during class time or as homework, as time and preference allow.  
  7. Once learners have completed their week, ask them to bring the completed handout to class. Divide learners into small groups and have them share one of their entries and all related definitions, examples, non-examples and characteristics with their peers. Ask those listening to suggest any additions they can think of for the model.
  8. As a class, debrief learners’ experiences completing the Frayer model for their seven words over the week. Ask learners to say which of the four categories they found the most helpful or least helpful for understanding and remembering a new vocabulary item. Ask them to specify why it was helpful or not helpful.

Notes: The process of filling out the Week of Words handout can be repeated as many times as needed or as the instructor sees fit. Learners  should pick out new words each time they complete the handout.

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