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TitleMMOGs for Language Learning

The purpose of this activity is to prepare learners to engage in extramural (see: outside of the classroom) language learning via social gameplay. It is especially appropriate for Intermediate Mid learners and up.

Learning Objectives:
Learners will be able to:

  • Identify a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) that they want to play
  • Keep a log of gameplay
  • Reflect on what they have learned during gameplay

Mode(s): Interpretive, Interpersonal, Presentational

Material(s): Using MMOGs for Language Learning video, Gemeplay Log


  1. As a group, watch the Using MMOGs for Language Learning video.
  2. Direct learners to research how to play a MMOG in the target language. They may have to find out what servers to connect to or find tutorials online.
  3. Provide learners with the Gameplay Log. Ask them to articulate one goal that they have over the next week related to understanding the targeted gameplay community (e.g., understanding when/how players “grief” on another, resolve conflict, or join groups).
  4. Group learners by the goal that they articulated. Ask that learners consider their goal in the Gameplay Log by documenting what target vocabulary they should look out for, what grammatical structures they expect to see, and any other cultural input (e.g., how to mitigate) that they want to pay attention to.
  5. Debrief Step 4 as a large group. Brainstorm additional details for the answers learners shared.
  6. Ask learners to keep a log of their gameplay experience as it relates to their goals for a week. For most learners 15-30 minutes a day of gameplay should be more than enough time, but they should be aware that different games will require different types of time commitment.
  7. After the week is up, either as a group or individually, ask that learners answer the reflection questions on the Gameplay Log.
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