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TitleUsing Digital Games for Learning

The purpose of this activity is to prepare learners to engage in extramural (outside of the classroom) language learning via individual gameplay. It is appropriate for all proficiency levels.

Learning Objectives:
Learners will be able to:

  • Identify a digital game that can be played in the target language that they want to explore
  • Keep a log of gameplay
  • Reflect on what they have learned during gameplay

Mode(s): Interpretive

Material(s): In-game Discourse video, Gameplay Log


  1. As a group, watch the In-game Discourse video.
  2. Either as homework or in class, provide time for learners to research games that are available in the target language that align with their interests. Try,, and even the App Store or the Play Store to explore games. Note that it may take some clicking to find all of the languages in which a specific game is available.
  3. Provide learners with the Gameplay Log. Ask them to articulate one goal that they have over the next week related to gameplay (e.g., improve knowledge and use of domain-specific vocabulary or a particular grammatical structure that is likely in the game).
  4. Either in or outside of class, provide time for learners to explore their game to determine whether it will support their goal. It is suggested that learners play and explore for about one hour. They may want to document their experience on the Gameplay Log.
  5. Debrief as a group. Ask that each learner share their goal and game so that others may change games if they find their games to not be useful for their goals in Step 4.
  6. Ask learners to finalize their goals and game and to continue (or begin) their Gameplay Log and document gameplay for a week. For most learners 15-30 minutes a day of gameplay should be more than enough time, but they should be aware that different games will require different types of time commitment.
  7. After the week is up, either as a group or individually, ask that learners answer the reflection questions on the Gameplay Log.
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