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TitleTexting and Connecting: Developing Boss-level Messaging Skills

This activity was designed for learners of all proficiency levels. It helps learners gain a critical understanding of texting and messaging conventions related to emoji. 

Learning outcomes:
Learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of how emoji are used in the target language
  • Exchange information using texts that incorporate emoji

Mode(s): Interpretive, Interpersonal 

Materials: Texting and Connecting video, Emoji Notes Worksheet, emoji dictionary, SwiftKey Emoji Report summary


  1. Observe & Describe:  Using the Emoji Notes Worksheet, ask learners to work in the target language with an emoji dictionary[i] to draw and describe three emoji they commonly use (or are familiar with).
  2. Watch: Watch the Texting and Connecting video. Debrief as a class regarding the “folded hands” emoji. Discuss how they see this emoji being used and if they can imagine how other cultures might understand it differently.
  3. Search & Describe: In pairs, learners will work together to find 4-5 target language texts (social media is a good place to start) in which emoji are used. They will note whether the emoji seemed to be used to imply consistent meaning across cultures on the Emoji Notes Worksheet.
  4. Share & Compare: Each pair formed in Step 3 will join with another pair to discuss their findings..
  5. Analyzing, Choosing, & Applying: Learners will use their phones or an online messaging platform (e.g., the chat feature in Zoom) to practice messaging each other in the target language. They should aim to incorporate at least 3 emoji they discussed in Steps 3 and 5.
  6. Debrief/Wrap-Around: Learners will read this summary of the findings of a SwiftKey Emoji Report summary and will write a reflection on the Emoji Notes Worksheet in either the L1 (Novice-Intermediate Low learners) or the target language (Intermediate Mid and higher).


  • At Novice levels, it may even be helpful to constrain the possibilities to only one type of emoji (e.g., only emoji of people or those connected to nature).
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