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TitleSummarizing What You Heard

This activity was designed for learners of all proficiency levels. In this activity, learners will practice the listening strategy of summarizing what they heard in order to demonstrate understanding.

Learning Outcomes:
Learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of an audio text through summary
  • Compare and contrast understanding with a peer

Mode(s): Interpretive, Presentational

Materials: Summarize What You Heard Video, Yesterday’s News handout


  1. Introduce learners to the listening strategy of summarizing what they heard by showing them this video.
  2. Provide learners with an audio text that aligns with curricular needs. For example, if delivering a unit on global issues, educators might select an audio text of a persuasive or political speech related to a core topic (e.g., global warming, immigration, or specific legislation). As they listen, ask learners to make notes using this handout. The handout walks learners through the Yesterday's News literacy strategy.
  3. After listening, ask learners to write a news article about what they heard on the handout. It is a good idea to review structural and rhetorical devices that are typical of news articles (e.g., title, date, and byline) at this juncture.
  4. Next, learners will swap their articles with a peer. They will compare and contrast their understanding on using the handout as a guide.
  5. Debrief with the group by discussing the discrepancies learners discovered when comparing and contrasting their news articles. Clarify any misunderstandings collaboratively.


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