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TitleAdvanced Proficiency Overview

This activity was created for Advanced language learners. Its purpose is to engage and support learners in considering how to repair miscommunication in the target language.

Learning Outcomes:
Learners will be able to:

  • Brainstorm language strategies for repairing miscommunication
  • Analyze target language samples to identify strategies for repairing miscommunication

Mode(s): All

Materials: Advanced proficiency overview video, digital discussion board


  1. Have learners watch the Advanced proficiency overview video.
  2. As part of a class discussion, ask learners to share a time in which they experienced miscommunication (in the target language or in another language). Learners may offer examples of any type of miscommunication (e.g., unintentionally offending someone or using a target utterance incorrectly).
  3. Pick three or four situations that the learners brainstormed and discuss strategies to repair the miscommunication as a class. Some strategies may include apologizing, explaining what happened, justifying one's choices, and appropriating responsibility. 
  4. Ask learners to investigate one situation from Step 3 and to find two target language examples of repair in practice. Remind them to search in the target language.
  5. Learners should post their examples along with explanations of the repair strategies to a discussion board or other shared, digital space. 
  6. In either a synchronous or asynchronous discussion, ask learners to review some of the samples posted and identify what they have learned about nuances and expectations related to repair in the target language.
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