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TitleHashtags in Action!

by Carla Consolini, CASLS Research Assistant

This activity was created for learners of all levels. It focuses on creating messages with layered meanings by using hashtags. This activity builds on this previous Activity of the Week related to decoding hashtags.

Learning Outcomes:
Learners will be able to:

  • Create hashtags to add context to a message
  • Explain how the hashtags they produced add context to their messages

Mode(s): Interpersonal, Presentational

Materials: using hashtags to add dontext video, messages with hashtags


  1. Have learners watch the using hashtags to add context video. However, if they are new to hashtags, it may be beneficial to show them the tips for decoding hashtags video before continuing.
  2. Give learners a set of five short social media posts (10 to 60 words) that include hashtags that are relevant to the curriculum. For instance, if learners are exploring familial relationships in class, you might pull tweets or Instagram messages that are related to the parent-child dynamic in the target langauge cultures, the importance of ancestors in target langauge cultures, or the different dynamics within the family life in target langauge culutes. 
  3. Provide learners with three images for which they can craft a message with layered meaning through the use of hashtags. This step can be done individually or in pairs. 
  4. Put learners into groups of three or four. Instruct them to share their messages and explain their language choices.
  5. Each group will chose the hashtag or hashtags that they believe add the most meaning to the images. Ask them to share their choices and reasoning for their choices with the class.
  6. In an exit ticket, ask learners to identify one way in which they feel they could use hashtags to add meaning to messages written in the target langauge.


  • For Novice learners, it may be beneficial to ask them to think of additional hashtags for the messages in Step 2 as scaffolding before moving to Step 3.
  • For Novice learners, Steps 4, 5, and 6 may need to be completed in the L1.
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