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TitleGetting Started with IPIC

This activity was created for teachers wanting to utlize the IPIC Model as they introduce language functions to learners. Though some reflection in the L1 will be necessary for Novice learners, this activity can easily be completed with learners of all proficiency levels.

Mode(s): Varies

Materials: IPIC overview videoFrayer Model templates, IPIC in practice video (optional), IPIC template


1. Introduce learners to the IPIC Model with this overview. As they watch the video, ask them to take notes with the objective of definining knowledge, analysis, subjectivity, and awareness in their own words.

2. Provide learners with templates to create Frayer Models for each component of the IPIC Model. Have them work together (ideally in pairs or small groups) with the information from the overview of the model in Step 1. Depending on the proficiency level of learners, this step and step 3  may need to be completed in the L1.

3. Debrief as a class. Spend time unpacking their ideas of examples and non-examples. Depending on the proficiency level of learners, this step and step 2  may need to be completed in the L1.

4. Transition into examining IPIC with a specific language function related to your course objectives. This IPIC in practice video provides an example of leave takings in English. You may chose to share it with learners or to present a distinct language function according to the IPIC Model.

5.  Next, provide learners with an example of the target language function in practice. Ask them to take notes about what they can discern on the IPIC template as they unpack the function.

6. Review notes with learners. Incorporate critical grammar and vocabulary instruction as you review notes as a class.

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