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Topic of the Week: InterCom: June 29, 2020


InterComLive! Join us, the CASLS team, via Facebook Live at 11:00am Pacific Time each Monday. We will be talking remote/online language learning, exploring digital tools to mix things up, offering support for teachers, students, and families, and answering all of YOUR questions. Can’t join us live? We will also save the recording for later.

Thank you, as always, for your support of CASLS and InterCom, and we look forward to seeing you online!

Last Reminder: CASLS 30-Day Language Learning Challenge Summer 2020

Did you miss the Spring 2020 30-Day Language Learning Challegne? Now is your chance! CASLS 30-Day Language Learning Challenge is available through July 31, 2020. Share it with your students and your friends and family. You can even complete it yourself! Anyone who submits their completed challenge by July 31, 2020 will get a prize from us in the mail. 



Activity of the Week

  • Memes for Language Learning

    This week's Activity of the Week walks viewers through ways to use memes for language learning. It describes memes and then gives learners ideas for exploring them in the target language. Extension activities include having learners create their own memes, explore and analyze the associated cultural references, and/or compare the same meme across languages and dialects. 


    Each week, the activity is designed as an activity that can be added to your online course, parent email, or other digital delivery system AS IS. That means no modification, minimal extra time, and a way to mix things up while still balancing a whole new system. Each activity is focused on a language learning strategy, function, or interculturality standard and will work in any language. (Note: The activities are created in English but are designed for target language use in any language with adaptations for novice, intermediate, and advanced learners. This format enables remote access while still encouraging target language use.) Some ideas for using these activities include:

    • A Weekly Challenge for your students that can be used to earn participation points or extra credit.
    • An extension activity that requires reflection on the learning objectives of the course and critical thinking about how what they are learning relates to the world.
    • An activity to send home to parents and guardians for them to do with their kids.

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